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Ill Citizens – The Ill Side Of Town

Ill Citizens – The Ill Side Of Town


“The Ill Side Of Town” is a mixtape composed of underground tracks that take you into the minds of inner city aboriginals & many youths that have grown up in the rougher areas of Winnipeg, MB. Every individual artists has their own unique style when it comes to flow, lyrics, delivery, concepts, opinions and many other topics that we face everyday in the underground world of the inner city. We as a group have come together with our own stories to tell and put it all together into one mixtape for all of the people to hear.

Track List:
1. The Ill Side Of Town (Intro)
2. Got It Locked
3. Real Talk
4. You Don’t Know
5. Bow Down (Remix)
6. No One’s There Ft. Deja Elyze
7. Bitches Love Me (Remix) Ft. 45ive
8. You Don’t Really Want This
9. Trippy Thotz
10. Hoochie Mode Pt. 2
11. Watch This (Remix)
12. Goin’ Insane (Remix) Ft. Arrow-C & 45ive
13. Who’s Gon’ Test?
14. Go Fuck Yo’Self
15. Bitch Pay Me
16. Sarcazm
17. The 9.3.5. Cypher
18. The Ill Side Of Town (Outro)

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January 5th, 2014

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